2021 Illinois State Scholars


Illinois Student Assistance Commission Applauds the Success of

twenty- three Monticello High School students

Monticello, IL – Monticello High School Principal, Adam Clapp, is pleased to announce that 23 Monticello High School students from the graduating class of 2021 have been recognized as Illinois State Scholars.


The Illinois Student Assistance Commission (ISAC), the state agency committed to helping make college accessible and affordable for Illinois families, confers this prestigious recognition to top Illinois high school students annually. This year, more than 21,000 outstanding honorees join the other top students who have been honored for their academic achievements since the designation was first introduced in 1958. 


Illinois State Scholars represent approximately the top ten percent of high school seniors from 757 high schools across the state. Illinois State Scholars possess strong academic potential and are chosen based on a combination of exemplary ACT or SAT test scores and sixth semester class rank.


“Being named as an Illinois State Scholar is a prestigious honor. At Monticello High School, we pride ourselves in setting high expectations for our students, and our students often exceed these expectations. Our students have done an outstanding job, and these recipients deserve this recognition. Congratulations to all Illinois State Scholars!” said Mr. Adam Clapp, Monticello High School principal.


The following students from Monticello High School Class of 2021 were named Illinois State Scholars: JOSHUA BAYSORE son of Mark and Diane Baysore - Mansfield; ETHAN BRAKKE son of Aaron Brakke and Estefania Villamizar - Monticello; RILEY COMBES son of Karina Combes Fitzgerald - Monticello; JACKSON FISHEL son of David Fishel - Forsyth and Tara Ganley - Monticello; SARAH HISSONG daughter of Brandon and Leeann Hissong - Monticello; BENJAMIN KEATING son of Cochran Keating - Monticello and Kari Keating - Monticello; CLAIRE KEATING daughter of Cochran Keating - Monticello and Kari Keating - Monticello; KATELYN KRAHN daughter of Richard Krahn - Champaign and Cindy Childress - Monticello; KYLIE KRAHN daughter of Richard Krahn - Champaign and Cindy Childress - Monticello; PIERCE KREIBICH son of Jay Kreibich and Debbie Fligor - Monticello; JARED LOCKMILLER son of Marty and Sonya Lockmiller - Monticello; ASHELY LONG daughter of Eric and Stephanie Long - Monticello; KENDALL MCFARLIN daughter of Danny and Kelly McFarlin - Monticello; LEAH NEEF daughter of Michael and Jennifer Neef - Monticello; AVERY OBERHEIM daughter of Chris and Amber Oberheim - Monticello; SOPHIA PELLUM daughter of Kari Zamberletti – Monticello; MERCY RATTS daughter of Nancy Ratts – Monticello; ANDREW RUDOLPH son of Thomas and Heather Rudolph – Monticello; SOPHIA RUND daughter of Quentin and Patricia Rund – Monticello; LUCAS SOKOLOWSKI son of Chris and Katherine Sokolowski – Monticello; GRACE TALBERT daughter of Matthew and Ann Talbert – Monticello; CLAIRE WEBBER daughter of Gary and Barbara Webber – Monticello; KAYLA WILSON daughter of Richard and Julie Wilson – Monticello;


“In this 62nd year of the Illinois State Scholar Program, we are proud to announce another class of outstanding students that will lead us into the future,” said Eric Zarnikow, executive director of ISAC.  “We congratulate these Scholars on their hard work and accomplishments.  Congratulations also and thank you to the families, principals, teachers, counselors, coaches, mentors, and all of the other individuals who not only help our students find the path that will allow them to flourish, but also support them every step of the way.”


While the State Scholar recognition does not include a monetary prize, honorees will receive a congratulatory letter from ISAC and personalized Certificates of Achievement. This year, State Scholars will also receive a digital Illinois State Scholar badge, which can be displayed on their online profiles and social media accounts, and shared with high school counselors, prospective colleges, employers, family members and others.


All students, including State Scholars, who plan to be enrolled in college next fall are urged to complete their 2021-22 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible in order to determine eligibility for federal and state financial aid. ISAC offers free financial aid and college access events to assist students and families with the college-going process. Students can also visit the ISAC Student Portal for college planning, financial aid and financial literacy information and free tools, as well as information on how to contact the ISACorps, a group of recent college graduates who act as near-peer mentors, for one-on-one assistance and mentoring.  Students can also get answers to their college-going and financial aid questions sent directly to their phones by signing up for ISAC College Q&A, isac.org/collegeqa, ISAC’s free text messaging service. ISAC also offers assistance through the agency call center, 1-800-899-4722 (ISAC).  Visit the ISAC Student Portal for more information at www.studentportal.isac.org


About ISAC

ISAC provides comprehensive, objective, and timely information on education and financial aid  for students and their families - giving them access to the tools they need to make the educational choices that are right for them.  Then, through the state scholarship and grant programs ISAC administers, ISAC can help students make those choices a reality.  Find us at isac.org and follow us on Facebook (@ILStudentAssistance), Twitter and on Instagram @ISACfinaid.

Students In Picture:

Front row: Ben Keating, Sarah Hissong, Sophie Rund, Kylie Krahn, Claire Keating, Katie Krahn, Kayla Wilson
2nd row: Grace Talbert, Avery Oberheim, Leah Neef, Claire Webber, Sophie Pellum
3rd row: Jackson Fishel, Kendall McFarlin, Mercy Ratts, Ashley Long, Ethan Brakke, Riley Combes
Top row: Jared Lockmiller, Luke Sokolowski, Josh Baysore, Andrew Rudolph
Not pictured: Pierce Kreibich