Illinois School Report Card

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) today released the 2018 Illinois Report Card at The state's new support and accountability system for all schools launches with the 2018 Illinois Report Card. As part of the new system, each school's Report Card includes a designation—a descriptor of how well the school is meeting the needs of all students. The designation is based on 10 measures of performance, including student growth for schools up to eighth grade.

The Exemplary designation identifies the highest-performing 10 percent of schools. The Lowest-Performing designation identifies the lowest-performing 5 percent of schools. Schools where most students are performing well but where one or more student groups is significantly underperforming receive the Underperforming designation. All other schools receive the Commendable designation. Approximately 70 percent of schools received the Commendable designation, and approximately 15 percent received the Underperforming designation on the 2018 Illinois Report Card.  

Monticello Schools are proud to have Monticello High School and White Heath Elementary School designated as Exemplary and Monticello Middle School, Lincoln School, and Washington School designated as Commendable.