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Online Databases & Search Tools

Online Newspaper
  • The News-Gazette - Your Source for News and Advertising in East Central Illinois

General Search Engines
  • Google - Simple, powerful and straightforward, Google provides relevant hits. Easy to use buttons allow you to search for images, newsgroups, or to use Google as a directory!
  • Ask - Ask lets you search the web by typing a simple question in plain English
  • Yahoo! - Entries are selected by people and arranged by subjects. It is a good place to start a search.

Meta-Search Engines
  • Yippy! - Brainstorm topic ideas using result clusters. Uncover buried sites by choosing a related cluster. Drill down into a cluster of results.
  • Dogpile - Dogpile allows you to see each search engine's results separately in a useful list for comparison. Click the search engine icons by "Best of Breed."
  • Surfwax - For SERIOUS deep digging. The lists in these tables are by no means exhaustive. They do represent a general consensus on what the helpful search tools are. If you are interested in finding out more about Internet search tools, check out the following links:

Recommended Internet References Sites

Sometimes you need a map, a biography, a definition or a quick fact on a particular topic. You can begin your search by trying any one of these recommended reference sites.

Want more? Click on this link to the Librarian's Index to the Internet page on reference resources for a descriptive listing of other great sites.

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