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120755-matte-purple-and-white-square-icon-business-calendar There are several important school dates and events coming up!  Be sure to click here for dates and times.

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Monticello CUSD #25

PARCC Primer

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PARCCThe Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) assessments in English Language Arts and Mathematics will be administered to all students in Grades 3-8.  At the high school level, students enrolled in English 1 will be assessed in English Language Arts, and students enrolled in Algebra I will be assessed in Mathematics.

This year, the assessment period is scheduled March 2-13, 2015.  Below you will find a link to tools and resources to help familiarize yourself with the test.

VISION 20/20 - New Platform for Illinois Education

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Vision 20/20It’s time for educators and members of our school communities to take back the conversation about public education in Illinois. It’s a blueprint for the future of public education that has been developed by Illinois educators from all regions of the state. The goal of Vision 20/20 can be best summarized as, “Fulfilling the Promise of Public Education.” Education is an investment in our children’s future, our state’s future, and our nation’s future. It is our responsibility as educators to reflect upon the current state of education in Illinois and to take action to create an education system that meets the needs of all students. A healthy and viable public education system is vital to a healthy democracy, and a highly trained workforce is critical to our country’s future in the global economy.

Vision 20/20’s policy platform is divided into four main pillars:

  • 21st Century Learning – Not just knowledge of reading and math, but providing the technology and tools for learning in today’s world as well as a commitment to the whole child;
  • Highly Effective Educators – Policies to help attract, develop and retain the highest quality of teachers and administrators;
  • Shared Accountability – Creating a shared accountability model that includes more input from educators, increases collaboration with legislators and restructures mandates to allow more flexibility for local school districts and communities; and
  • Equitable and Adequate Funding – An evidence-based funding model that takes into account what it actually costs to educate a student in various parts of our state and utilizes research to identify those things that have the most impact on student success.

This plan was developed by educators from the southern tip of Illinois through the northern Chicago suburbs. It resulted from input from more than 3,000 diverse stakeholders, discussions with field experts, and a review of current literature on best practices. The organizations that collaborated on Vision 20/20 include school superintendents, school board members, principals and school business officials. The plan already has been endorsed by the Illinois PTA and the Ounce of Prevention Fund, an organization dedicated to providing children in poverty the best chance for success in school.

I invite you to learn more about Vision 20/20 by visiting the website at You may wish to sign the petition in support of these policies. You also can follow the progress on Twitter at @ILVision2020. Changing the course of public education in Illinois can only happen with grassroots support, and we are asking you to help us fulfill the promise of public education to children in Monticello CUSD #25 and the more than 2 million schoolchildren in our state.  The Monticello CUSD #25 Board of Education resolution in support of Vision 2020 can be found here.

Smith Receives 2014 Voya Unsung Heroes Award

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Voya Unsung HeroesEach year, Voya selects 100 finalists to receive a $2,000 award, while three of them are selected as Top Winners to receive additional grants.

According to Voya's Unsung Heroes Website, Jennifer "Smith’s innovative teaching idea, 'Sages in 3D,' is designed to strengthen students’ understanding of all aspects of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) concepts through hands-on experiences using 3D printers. The program will enable students to learn how to create and build prototypes and create designs using 3D printers. Students will improve their problem solving skills as they navigate the use of new, cutting edge technology. Students will also be encouraged to create manipulatives and models using the 3D printer as a way to increase not only their understanding of scientific concepts, but also their understanding of the potential of 3D printing. In order to help the middle school students identify practical applications for 3D printing, they will create manipulatives that the teachers and students will use throughout the district’s middle school classrooms. Through this project, students will directly see how technology can positively impact the future. They will also be encouraged and challenged to build creatively and critically."

2014-15 State Of The District Report Card

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Illinois Report CardThe Monticello CUSD #25 Board of Education heard the 2014 version of the State of the District Report Card. The report is a snapshot of how Monticello CUSD #25 is doing on a variety of education-related variables.   Information included in the report is compiled throughout the school year.

The purpose of the report card is to share school district information in an organized way that is readable and understandable to the public. The report also includes a comparison of the school district with nine other similar school districts in our area on selected variables.  The State of Illinois School report cards can be found at

2014-15 State Of The District Report Card

NEW Anti-Bullying Policy and Resources

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Public Act 98-669 and Public Act 98-801were signed into law this summer and place enhanced requirements on school districts when dealing with bullying issues among students.  Our district has addressed these issues annually and we will continue to be diligent in our efforts to elimnate bullying from our hallways, playgrounds, cafeterias, and classrooms.  These laws include an outline of guidelines for schools, many of which our district has been following for years, including timely report investigations, follow-up, and access to social services.  Also included are criteria for dealing with cyber-bullying that may occur outside of the school day but creates a negative impact within our schools.  Our Building Principals will be dicussing this information with faculty and staff, training has been made available, and information will be sent home to parents to the topic of bullying.  Our School Board adopted a revised Board Policy on Bullying at our meeting in October.


Parent Resource Guide

Be A Hero Student Resources

Bullying Report Form

Revised Policy


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